Here’s your ticket. Stick to it, Harry, it is very important. Stick to it.

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the fact that there have no leaked nudes in my dashboard proves that i’m following the right people

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I think one of the most fundamental misapprehensions people have about the value of commissions is that no one really gets told how mass production defrays costs to the consumer. So, when they see the prices for custom artwork online, they expect the retail prices they see in…

Friendly reminder that anyone born between 1985-1998 didn’t get their hogwarts letter because Voldemort’s ministry wiped out the record of muggleborns

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Must. Not. Let. The beat. Take. OVER!


Doctor Who: The Story of Martha

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Title:  The Call
Pairing: Tenth Doctor x Rose Tyler
Word count:  1495
A/N: Alternate Universe. First sentence prompt from whatswrongwithblue and plot idea from captaingrahamcr.


"Can I stay with you tonight?" The female voice on the other end of the phone sounded breathless.

John blinked. “You can, I suppose. But I think you called the wrong number so you may not actually really want to.”

"Oh my god! I am so sorry!" the caller apologized. "It’s been a truly shite day. I meant to call my friend, but apparently I hit a wrong digit somewhere."

"It’s okay, I don’t mind!" John grinned. "Are you in trouble?"

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into battle
"You’ll find out a little bit more, but I only want you to find out bits that sound exciting. I mean, we’re never going to flashback to the Time War on television. It could never live up to what you’ve imagined. It’s so much more alive by being imprecise. I don’t know, someone might make a film one day… but actually, if you’re doing a film, you’d have a new Time War. You’ve just got to keep moving forwards. It’s a nice mythology. It’s got that Harry Potter-ness about it. What happened to Lily and James Potter? I hope to God she doesn’t bring them back to life in the last book! I don’t think she will—she loves a good death, and you’ve got to make it permanent—cos it would just betray everything."

Russell T. Davies on whether we’d ever find out exactly what happened in the Time War | DWM Issue 374  (via gallifreyburning)

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